Wherever you may roam its August…

aug 1

Month of August in the subcontinent ushers a mid-yearly vacation. There are a few Govt offs right in the middle of the month, club them with a weekend – walla you have a vacation, albeit a short one.
For bikers, it’s a unique urge that overwhelms. The motorcycles reach the workshop for nibbling-fixes – almost automatically. A list gets scribbled in the head, mostly consisting of riding gears and utilities (without even knowing which direction they might eventually head). The Tibetan flags of the mountains usher a rhythmic-tune convincing every rider to head upwards (especially for people in North India, in and around Delhi). The Himalayas make perfect sense after the scorching summers of the plains – though the roads around this time is tarmac-ed by question marks; potholes widen to become craters, gravels transform into something like quick-sand (arguable analogy, I agree – But bikers are neither known for their vocabulary or rationality anyway).
Men start smiling like boys without apparent reasons by the beginning of this month. Its a sign that indicates that they have started contemplating the places they can ride-out to – they start living a given place/road/stretch right in the middle of a meeting or while having coffee with an uncle. Important to note: it would showcase ‘great understanding’ if  the close ones (especially non-riding ones) let them ride within their heads at this time – the journey has already begun. Even the city skies begin to look prettier – teasing each one of them of what awaits above.

Its a meditative period, extremely intense and personal. The feeling is similar whether one rides in a group or solo. The semantics of Clubs, type of bikes, destination – fall in sync as the day rolls closer.
Family members and close ones may take note that there would be a surge of continuous activeness amongst the said cohort. They would be seen much lesser infront of the computer or TV or even with their phones, they might even forget to pick up their phones once in a while – just to return hours later with a patch of grease on their pants or slimy palms and fingers. Lost in their imaginations, they struggle juggling the current-present with the immediate future they want to be in. The skies would be looked at more frequently and accu weather would become the most used app on their phones, during this period.

aug 2

To be continued…

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