Wherever you may roam… its August

Continued from previous article…


There is an inevitable combat between time, its paucity and destination in regards to its travel-time. Destinations by themselves are often not as important as the route. The curves, tarmac-age, the amount of possible water-logging – one cannot completely wish to partake a ride which is low on challenges, also he wouldn’t be as stupid enough to  take up a route which has a probable break-down or two written all over. The mix is important, quite like the macro spices of life. Too good is never great although too bad is also not somewhere one wants to reside forever.

The route from Delhi to (approx) 550km upwards offer a decent mix of challenges with plenty of good and average road-conditions. As Indians we have an extremely low threshold as far as road conditions are concerned in respect to our western riding counterparts. Placing one of the ‘Canyon huggers’* on the post-Mandi stretch (upwards) is definitely a success-recipe to please any sadistic (Indian) rider’s fantasy.


To be continued…


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