What FEATHER are you?

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The sheer length and breath of this topic had kept me away from blogging on it for the longest time.. If the heading didn’t help you understand the context, then  you may navigate away from this blog-post – Albeit you would read-on if you want to take-up riding as a serious hobby in the years to come and who knows – even become a moto-professional

Also remember – “There is no better way to live than living on a set of 2-wheels and an engine”.

It’s the beginning of the Indian riding season. Soon groups of riders would embark on their rides across the country and few beyond that. As always we will find enough and more content to indulge in riding banter. It is untold but almost customary to attempt atleast one 3000+ km moto-trip in a year if not more, if you truly belong to this flock.


As riding season gets stretched by the all-time-eager riding communities – we couldn’t help but notice the increasing amount of riding-gear-awareness. Throwback 2006 – I was riding in cut-off denim bermudas and gym gloves, on my experimental chopper across the dunes of Rajasthan. As far as I was concerned – I was doing my bit as a responsible biker by wearing an open-face helmet (which would be nothing but a consolation if put to some real-test). Whatever happened in-action on-route became folk-lore and a few will go down with me to my grave. Over the years we as motorcyclists have matured and the motorcycles we ride have also come off age. Bikes have become faster, more robust and it is upto the rider to harness the power and remain powerfully on-top of proceedings.

Motorcycles are reasons of revelry for most of us. Any form of two-wheels and an engine brings a grin to our faces – often comprehended as complete lunacy. (Nowadays) I wear a full face helmet with tinted visor to remain invisible to people, who mostly consider me as a complete retard- seemingly smiling at them from-under the lid (in no intention to bother/mock anyone – its just a grin I cannot control once I’m on a mo-bike).  Helmets are extremely important otherwise aswel (great revelatiiiiion!!), however we invariably seem to give it the least importance. It is about time that every rider wakes-up to the responsibility of wearing appropriate helmets every time he/she is astride a motorcycle –I will continue on this episode of moto-gear-banter assuming my reader is mature enough & realizes the importance of proper riding gears (read feathers).


The other day I was at a premium moto-convention held in the national capital and I was pleasantly surprised to see the sheer number of modern day knights dismounting their respective steeds. Suited-up from tip to toe – they walked with the flamboyance of a drunken monkey who is still unsure of how far their tails waggle. Their jackets though branded were definitely off-size, putting them off-balance as they dwindled along the corridors of the 5-star property, there seem to be no concept of helmet sizes – it was the responsibility of the bandannas to keep the helmets snug enough & not fall off.Most of them had riding lowers – but what’s with the thermal liners in the heat of March? Nonetheless, they strode around the place with bewildered glances – sweating, panting and dropping their gears all over the place. It was only later that I was informed that most of the people whom I had observed barely had any riding-cred to themselves, they were guys with big bikes and their moto-explorations were limited to high-flying events and weekend run to a coffee-shop and back.

Riders with experience tend to understand the tiniest nuances of proper clothing, if done wrong; it often becomes a reason of resentment on an otherwise pleasant day of riding, be it on the track, city or the highways. For instance the clothing combination of a long-route-tourer would be diametrically opposite to a daily-moto-commuter. The given season/s of riding also play an equally important role in attire selection. We have been exposed to various make-shift arrangements for various riding conditions, given to the fact that our country still lags in producing or importing enough purpose-led-clothing yet. We still drool at half the products that are not available in India in comparison to other moto-evolved countries.

to be continued…

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