what FEATHER are you?

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Riding gears are beautiful – they are sharp – purposeful and almost makes a rider combat-ready. We like that bit about our gears – whether it is all black, red and white or classic browns – our gears effectively make us feel (borderline) invincible. But truth be told – gears don’t come cheap. Hence, riders of the sub-continent need to carefully select without over-shooting credit cards.


So he who rides the year-round in Mumbai and plans to partake his big trip to Ladakh is often taken completely by surprise as he emerges out of the Aut tunnel (Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh) – the nippy wilds of Beas river rubs on his nose in an urgency that he has never encountered in his entire riding-life-time (on the southern highways). South is mostly moderate (apart from a few places). The coastal wind is mostly pleasant but as a rider I had a tough time negotiating the heat and moisture. I remember hurling all my warm gears as I reached Ernakulum – but by evening I was shivering – We had ridden the entire day and reached atop – Munnar, thermal liners were called back in action.

Many seasons, various destinations, multiple climatic conditions

Ideal upper half solution for an Indian rider for every condition would comprise of a multi-layer jacket. Inside out: equipped with a thermal liner, Mesh composite with a water resistant top layer. One can play around with the options based on the weather. Comfort is of primary importance which is directly proportional to the fit on a given structure of the rider.

Revvit Excalibur: One jacket for all seasons


A versatile option, with four season performance. It features a removable thermal liner and waterproof membrane providing significant insulation from the natural elements. One can wear the jacket as an airy summer jacket by removing the layers.

…to be continued

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