Mighty Rohtang la

    The shifty landscapes from Gulaba check-post to Rohtang top has always been one of the highlights for every traveler, taking Manali-Sarchu-Leh, Manali-Spiti or Manali-Zanskar routes The ride-up would invariably expose multiple skies and moods … Some welcoming and some could often be extremely grim.  Rohtang La or otherwise ‘the death pass’ was usuallyContinue reading “Mighty Rohtang la”

KTM Duke 390: the heart-breaker

  A few years ago, I nonchalantly walked into a showroom and bought a nugget-sized, moped-sounding, unassuming motorcycle – the KTM 390 (no points for guessing). A few years hence, I reckon I learnt most of whatever I understand/know of riding has been on this pocket-rocket. In a lot of ways it was the bikeContinue reading “KTM Duke 390: the heart-breaker”

Building the Royal Enfield Himalayan

Inception… I have ridden the Royal Enfield Himalayan earlier, but it had left me wanting for a little bit more… and by ‘a little bit more’ I don’t necessarily mean wanting for more power or added braking bite but certainly a little extension of time with the motorcycle. The royal Enfield Himalayan impressed me withContinue reading “Building the Royal Enfield Himalayan”

3 points before you plan a ride with your lady this season….by a failure

The riding season has begun. The maps are out, The calendar is being synced. These are not new for the ones who are already baptized into the religion of motorcycling. The average trip-prep time has reduced to a few hours from almost months. The art of packing has achieved 6 Sigma precision with many yearsContinue reading “3 points before you plan a ride with your lady this season….by a failure”

5 points to someone touring on a KTM 390 (or the likes)

Before we proceed, we need to realize that the KTM 390 is not a touring motorcycle; it is essentially a street motorcycle. However, we can make it tour-worthy. I recently concluded a successful Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh) trip. Honestly, I was a victim of apprehension and a patient of anxiety. Spiti is revered as theContinue reading “5 points to someone touring on a KTM 390 (or the likes)”

what FEATHER are you?

….continued from last post Riding gears are beautiful – they are sharp – purposeful and almost makes a rider combat-ready. We like that bit about our gears – whether it is all black, red and white or classic browns – our gears effectively make us feel (borderline) invincible. But truth be told – gears don’tContinue reading “what FEATHER are you?”

What FEATHER are you?

I wear a full face helmet with tinted visor to remain invisible to people, who might consider me as a complete retard- seemingly, smiling at them from-under the lid

Wherever you may roam… its August

Continued from previous article…   There is an inevitable combat between time, its paucity and destination in regards to its travel-time. Destinations by themselves are often not as important as the route. The curves, tarmac-age, the amount of possible water-logging – one cannot completely wish to partake a ride which is low on challenges, alsoContinue reading “Wherever you may roam… its August”

Wherever you may roam its August…

Month of August in the subcontinent ushers a mid-yearly vacation. There are a few Govt offs right in the middle of the month, club them with a weekend – walla you have a vacation, albeit a short one. For bikers, it’s a unique urge that overwhelms. The motorcycles reach the workshop for nibbling-fixes – almostContinue reading “Wherever you may roam its August…”