What FEATHER are you?

I wear a full face helmet with tinted visor to remain invisible to people, who might consider me as a complete retard- seemingly, smiling at them from-under the lid

Never say no to therapy!!!

Have you realized lately that you are mostly occupied but not necessarily busy? See being busy is a good thing; it means a certain activity needs your brain’s support. Most of the times when we use our brains we are involved too – being involved in anything at any given point in time is great.Continue reading “Never say no to therapy!!!”

390 Black n White ride

Good weather and the right companion always make for an exhilarating ride, even within the city-limits of the capital Weekend mornings are generally afternoon-ish in nature. Seldom do we seek the rising sun or the serenity right before sunrise. We live in a crowded city, touted as the most polluted city on planet earth –Continue reading “390 Black n White ride”

Live MORE !!!

It was one of those early days on the highways; the times when we make a lot of  mistakes but tend to make the same mistakes a couple of extra times just to engrave the error onto ourselves, ….some call them scars, we as riders remember them with very different sentiments. Riding back from Pushkar,Continue reading “Live MORE !!!”