What FEATHER are you?

I wear a full face helmet with tinted visor to remain invisible to people, who might consider me as a complete retard- seemingly, smiling at them from-under the lid

Never say no to therapy!!!

Have you realized lately that you are mostly occupied but not necessarily busy? See being busy is a good thing; it means a certain activity needs your brain’s support. Most of the times when we use our brains we are involved too – being involved in anything at any given point in time is great.Continue reading “Never say no to therapy!!!”

390 Black n White ride

Good weather and the right companion always make for an exhilarating ride, even within the city-limits of the capital Weekend mornings are generally afternoon-ish in nature. Seldom do we seek the rising sun or the serenity right before sunrise. We live in a crowded city, touted as the most polluted city on planet earth –Continue reading “390 Black n White ride”