Wherever you may roam… its August

Continued from previous article…   There is an inevitable combat between time, its paucity and destination in regards to its travel-time. Destinations by themselves are often not as important as the route. The curves, tarmac-age, the amount of possible water-logging – one cannot completely wish to partake a ride which is low on challenges, alsoContinue reading “Wherever you may roam… its August”

Whats the big deal about a selfie… Rider selfie, a perspective

Usually, we click ourselves or get clicked when we ‘feel good’. We like to share our ‘feel-good’ moments. As riders we almost always feel great when we are on the saddle, hence selfies  represent the emotion of such worthwhile-moments mostly in the absence of anyone else who could otherwise captured. In earlier times one wouldContinue reading “Whats the big deal about a selfie… Rider selfie, a perspective”

Hello Triumph Bonneville

It was only 15 minutes into my halt at Kathgodam (Uttaranchal) as the Triumph Bonneville rolled-in. This rendezvous is a precursor to our ride scheduled tomorrow to Chaukorie. The smirk on the rider’s face exclaimed a lot more than what met the eye. The bustling noise of the town seemed to fade; it was justContinue reading “Hello Triumph Bonneville”