5 points to someone touring on a KTM 390 (or the likes)

Before we proceed, we need to realize that the KTM 390 is not a touring motorcycle; it is essentially a street motorcycle. However, we can make it tour-worthy. I recently concluded a successful Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh) trip. Honestly, I was a victim of apprehension and a patient of anxiety. Spiti is revered as theContinue reading “5 points to someone touring on a KTM 390 (or the likes)”

Hello Triumph Bonneville

It was only 15 minutes into my halt at Kathgodam (Uttaranchal) as the Triumph Bonneville rolled-in. This rendezvous is a precursor to our ride scheduled tomorrow to Chaukorie. The smirk on the rider’s face exclaimed a lot more than what met the eye. The bustling noise of the town seemed to fade; it was justContinue reading “Hello Triumph Bonneville”

Rider review: KTM DUKE 390…

I was suffering with severe ‘throttle-ache’*; the bright sun turned hot and Facebook became the official host for mountain shots with half a bike on almost every picture. It seemed the entire riding community has been waiting for the sun to show his wrath and it was a bikers’ way of saying ‘f#@k-that’ by takingContinue reading “Rider review: KTM DUKE 390…”